Monday, 22 September 2014

Kalla Chan Guitar Tabs

Title: Kalla Chan Guitar Tabs (Punjabi Song)
Singer: Sharry Maan
Requested by: Rakshit Kapur
Sharry Maan earned his name so fast in the Punjabi Music industry. He has a amazing voice and his lyrics always create magic. That’s why he lives in every heart. The song Kalla Chan has very impressive music and I recommend you to watch the video as well which will help you to understand the song more. The song has some guitar leads too which are also covered in this post. There are two or three leads which are almost similar, I will present one and rest you can make on your own or you can play the lead which I will provide. So now let’s get started and enjoy this beautiful piece of music.

Tere mere pyar da gawah ban milda

Aaj kal kothe utte kalla chan milda

Repeat above two lines once more.

Jaan-2 mere kolo tere bare puchda aaa

Jaan jaan mere kolo tere bare puchda

Jakhma nu loon lag naal ban milda

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Meherbaan Guitar Tabs

Title: Meherbaan Hua Guitar Tabs (Reprise)
Movie: Bang Bang
Singer: Shekhar Ravjiani
Bang Bang movie looks promising (at least to me). The music is not so impressive as I was accepting but even then it’s not too bad. So there are two versions of the song Meherbaan Hua and I decided to tab the Reprise version which is sung by Shekhar Ravjiani. The song has a cute tune and romantic melody. You can also play the main version of the song which is similar to this. This one is based on guitar and little slow than the original one and you will instantly catch the tune on the guitar. The first Para is very easy and the second Para needs some practice to match the lyrical speed. So practice it and don’t give up, play it again & again and you will play it easily. Now let’s see the tabs.

Dil ki maange, thodi thi kam

Har dua bhi, thodi madam

Tune kandhe pe sar jhukaya jab

Jaise dargah pe bandhe dhage tab

Ho… (you can skip this line if you want to).

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Banjaara Guitar Tabs

Title: Banjaara Guitar Tabs
Movie: Ek Villain
This is the second song of movie Ek Villain which I am going to post here. The song is composed by Mithoon and for me he is the king of melody. This is one of his magical compositions. I listen this again & again daily. Honestly the first Para of this song will sound too good on the guitar, second is good too but tricky to play. The song is very slow and romantic but to play on the guitar you need to make even flow. So before playing it, practice as much as you can & remember the notes.
You can also check out the video lesson if you stuck somewhere. You can find some differences in the video and the tabs available here but don’t worry about that. The notes are same as given below and you can play the one note twice thrice or as you like them.
Check out the tabs below:

Jise zindgi dhoond rahi hai

If you are good at hammers and pull offs then you can also play above line like below:

Kya yeh wo mukaam mera hai

Jahaan chain se bus ruk jaun

Galliyan Guitar Tabs

Title:   Galliyan Guitar Tabs
Movie: Ek Villain
Hey guys how are you all. It’s been a long time since my last post. Anyways today I am going to provide this lovely song which I heard so many times till now. The song is sung by Ankit Tiwari and he done a great job. The music of the song is heart touching. There is a lead played in the song which will be easy to play for a beginner too. I already provide the videolesson of this song long ago when the song was released. So if you guys haven’t watched it please do check it out. Also you may want to see the video because of the second Para where some lines may confuse you.
Excited hmm so let’s now check the tabs. I will also provide the song Banjaara from the same movie so stay tuned.

Yahin beete din mere

Yahin hote hain sawere

Yahin marna aur jeena

Yahin mandir aur madina

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Muskurane Guitar Tabs

Title: Muskurane Ki Wajah Guitar Tabs
Movie: City Lights
At the time of posting this song Arijit Singh is the best romantic singer (my own opinion). He replaces many successful singers of music industry. Now focusing on the song, this song is romantic and slow, so you need to feel every note in order to sound good. In my videos I don’t focus much because those are only to give you the idea to play the song. Anyways the slow songs are more difficult to play than the fast ones (if you want to play accurately). The song has too many feels and too many notes. I always try to catch every possible note but in some situations you can’t go everywhere where the singer can go. Even then you can give it a try because the song is too good and may be some day you want to try this.
At the beginning of the song there are few lines which are played on the piano. The same pattern is played in the background in the whole song. So we will start from the piano notes, let’s check them below. 

Piano notes (repeat 4 times)

Muskurane ki wajah

Tum ho (see the video to play accurately)

Gungunane ki wajah